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TREND-DESIGN - The Salon Cape Specialists 

TREND-DESIGN textiles are more than just pieces of fabric that keep hair off of the client. More than any other product in the salon, capes are the one thing that comes in contact the most, for the longest time with the client—more than hair products, the comb or the scissors. Capes are a professional tool. Additionally, they create a particular “feel-good” atmosphere at your workstation. Thus, a salon tool also becomes an accessory which helps your salon to stand out in appearance. 

As a family-owned company with more than 25 years of experience, TREND-DESIGN offers high-quality salon textiles for professional hairstylists. Whether it’s a multipurpose cape for cutting and coloring, a cape woven from eco-friendly eucalyptus fibers, or a custom order with an individual design for orders larger than 300 pieces, TREND-DESIGN has a solution for every salon. Do you prefer a hook or snap closure? A cape for coloring, cutting, or both? We offer an impressive selection of products through our partners in the salon wholesale business. If you are interested in learning more about our products, take a look at our WEBSHOP.

The team of Trend-Design


The hairdresser trade is a fast-paced business, and requires the best possible tools in order to deliver outstanding results. Hairdressers and barbers are creative designers with high aesthetic demands. TREND-DESIGN understands and fulfills these demands by providing high-quality salon textiles that are functional, innovative, and reflect the individuality and quality of each particular salon. In short: we transform professional tools into salon accessories.


We want to become the number one source for salon textiles in Europe. Function and comfort are the foundations of our business. Service and quality are what we demand, not just of our products, but of ourselves.

The Trend-Design DNA

  • We seek to bring the “wow” effect to both our team and our customers 
  • Each product must meet the demands of both the hairdresser and the client
  • TREND-DESIGN quality must be noticeable—both in our service and in our products 
  • Our team focuses on collaborative success—we trust each other and rely on one another 
  • Each of us takes pride in our specific work, but remains flexible with other assignments 
  • Our curiosity in new techniques outweighs our fear of making mistakes 
  • TREND-DESIGN is colorful and fun 
  • We deal with clients in a friendly and respectful manner—it is the foundation for our success 
  • Our product selection is as diverse as the world of hairstyling

Company History

In 1991, my grandfather Günter Möller and his son, Albert Möller, laid the foundation for the TREND-DESIGN success story. Günter Möller began using the office space—where he worked selling cloth wholesale—to store salon posters, banners, and books. Capes did not yet play a decisive role in the business until my godfather, Albert Möller, rapidly recognized the need for such a product, and began to develop high-quality salon capes. His goal: to turn capes from a necessary tool of the trade to a stylish must-have. Function, fabric quality, and workmanship were valued, because hairdressers realized that their capes could do more than keep away unwanted cut hair.  

Continuous product developments, such as color options and stain resistance, solidified the company’s image. The introduction of hand slits in the capes still remains one of the characteristic features of the TREND-DESIGN capes. We at Team TREND-DESIGN feel responsible to our clients to provide a high-quality product, as well as one that will continue to be relevant into the future. 

Always one to keep his eye towards the future, Albert Möller transferred the leadership of TREND-DESIGN to me in 2017. This evidence of his trust in me, his nephew, is both an incentive and a motivation to write my own successful chapter in the history of this family business. I remain true to the motto spoken by Wilhelm Busch, “He who follows in the footsteps of others, leaves no individual footprint”, and look forward to impacting the future growth of the TREND-DESIGN brand with my own ideas and goals.